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Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to gain Link Popularity and improve Brand Visibility

Now a day’s companies are trying to make popular their products and services. When I started working on the one of the major Health Care Product in India, it was really challenging and new for me. I did not have an idea what I do for Branding.

I started reading blogs and articles on internet. Before that I promoted clients website by given keywords and tried to get the rank on search engine first page. Reading on top articles, blogs and using my prior, I find the link popularity is one of the main parts of online branding.

Let’s discuss more about link popularity strategies and how it helps in reputation management and branding. Link building was more popular before 2 to 3 years but now if you take the name link building in project discussion with clients then may be possible clients move on other option. Now you can understand the impact of penguin, panda in internet marketing business. So what is good Link Popularity and linking strategies. Let’s discuss step by step.

1. Business Listing
free business listing
Create business listing in local and international sites and always use your Business Tag line.

2.Profile Creation
profile submission creation
Post profile with unique content and Try to make hyper link with url. Try to update your profile by adding content, posting blogs or submitting relevant comment.

3.Yahoo Questions Answer + Quora + Ask
question answer branding
Ask and post answer, if necessary use your business name with you business related questions answer.

4.Forum Submission
forum link popularity marketing
Join 4 to 5 relevant forum and use signature with your company name or brand name. Try to ask minimum 3 question and 30 Answers in a month.

5.Blog, Article and PR
Article Blog Press Release Link Popularity and Branding
Post 5 blogs, 3 articles and 3 PR in a month. I don’t think to remind you that every content should be unique and high quality. Don’t use keywords specific hyperlink, either use long tail keywords or keywords with brand name to make a link.

6.Blog comment
blog comment link creation
Try to post 10 to 15 blog comments in a month but never try to create hyper links or use keywords in name to make it hyperlinks. Use you brand name in name and in url try to use social media profile urls like G+, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

7.Reviews Posting
Review Posting
Always ask your customer to post reviews about your product and services and use your brand name and keywords in reviews content.

8.Guest Posting
Guest Blogging Link Gaining Strategies
Find the Guest blogging sites that have PR 3 or more and DA more then 60 or more. I know this is not easy but there is no other choice for you. You can try few such queries that give you the list of guest blogging sites like most of the guest blogging sites use the words “Write for us”, “Contributor” “Post Here”, “Guest Post” like that.

9.Social Media
social media branding
Create account in popular social sites and update in on regular basis. Try to focus on G+, post quality content and increase user engagement, may be possible you start coming in google knowledge graph

wikipedia google knowlwdge graph
List your brand name in Wikipedia by adding content but remember that the content should not be self promotion.

Post unique and quality content classified. Use your brand name and keywords in classified title section. First try to find out top classified sites and schedule posting of unique title classified in every month. In next post of my blog how to generate online leads, I will explain how classified help to generate the leads.

12.PDF and Slide share
PDF and Slide Share Branding
Create account in top pdf and slide sharing sites and add 2 to 3 content every month. Like others quality work, share and post comments also.

Brand Video Submission and Sharing
I don’t think to explain the importance of video. You know very well how much time you spend time on youtube and other video sites. Create account with Brand name and try to help other by posting video about normal customer/clients questions. You can also post the company office and festival celebration videos on video sites.

14.Infographics Submission
infographics content marketing
Infographics is a part of visual content marketing. I know it’s not easy to create 8 to 10 infographics every time. But you can create 2 to 3 every month and also like, share, comment on other infographics.

I know the above link popularity strategies step are seem a bit overwhelming and takes time but it become easy when you start following one by one. When you complete 1 month after following the link popularity strategies just go to google and search your brand name, you see the result.

So what you think about the step I have explained above. Let me know if any point is not clear and if you have any more suggestion about link popularity and branding.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Website Traffic Plan For B2B Portals

Website Traffic Plan
S.No Brand Campaign
1 Google Adword
2 Email Marketing (Newsletter)
3 TV, FM Radio Advertising
4 Banner Ads
5 Print Media(News Paper, Yellow Pages, Magazine)
6 Trade Shows Participation
7 Running Online Contests
8 Free Website Template(All Registered User)
9 Join Reputable Business Associations
10 Add Free Service for Clients
11 Subscription/Trade Alert Services
12 User Guide/Helpdesk

Social Media Activity
1 Facebook Pages, Ads
2 Twitter
3 Linkedin
4 Pinterest
5 Stumbleupon
6 Digg
7 Reddit
8 Myspace
9 You Tube
10 Ask for Suggestions

Content Marketing
1 Article(Quality Content)
2 Blogging(Quality Content), Trademart Blog and other Blogs
3 Press Section(Free and Paid)
4 Wikipedia
5 Guest Blogging
6 Hubpages and Squidoo
7 Interviews
8 Reviews Posting
9 Discussions and Forums
10 Questions+Answering

Website Quality Control
1 Meta Tag
2 Not Found Error
3 Link Validation
4 www Issues
5 URL Structure/Optimization
6 Duplicate Pages
7 Image Optimization
8 Content Optimization
9 Sitemap(XML/HTML)
10 Robots File
11 W3C Validation
12 Internal Linking
13 Web Page Layout as per Google Norms
14 Sever Log File Analysis
15 Multiple Browsers Checking
16 Response Time Analysis
17 Webmaster Error Checking
18 Breadcrumb Navigation

Off Page Activity
1 Directory Submission
2 Classified Posting
3 Social Bookmarking
4 Search Engine Submission
5 Local Listing
6 Link Building/Exchanges
7 Blog RSS Feed Submission
8 Blog Comment Posting
9 Success Story
10 PPT Submission(Trademart+Client)
11 Paid Listing
12 Video Submission(Trademart+Client)
13 Doc/PDF Uploading(Trademart+Client)
14 Industry News

Friday, May 11, 2012

Google Penguin Update, Recovery and Google Panda

Google Penguin Update 2012
Penguin Update (Promote high quality sites while penalizing spammy sites)
The Google update that Matt Cutts first called the “Over Optimization Filter” and then called “Webspam Algorithm” was actually called the “Penguin Update” internally at Google.

Ranking Increase = SquiDoo, Hubpages, BlogSpot, forums, sub domains
Ranking Decrease = Exact match domains, websites with lots of backlink from spun content sources

More specifically this algorithm update will target:
1. Link schemes designed to increase rankings of certain pages or websites
2. Keyword stuffing (High Keyword density, repeating Keywords) used to increase the rankings of a certain page
3. Duplicate content used with the purpose of increasing the size of a website and thus its rankings 
4. Redirects and cloaks used to show one things for users and another for search engines
5. Serving duplicate content from sub-domain 
6. Sending automated queries to Google. 
7. Websites with virus or spam warning (Trojans, website distributing malware)
8. Affiliate Websites with thin content and no value
9. Hidden links and Hidden texts (Black hat SEO practice)
10. SEO over optimization
11. Black hat SEO techniques
12. Paid text links using exact match anchor text
13. Comment spam
14. Guest posts on questionable sites
15. Low-quality article marketing & blog spam 
16. Links from dangerous sites
17. Sponsored Word Press themes, or poor quality reciprocal linking, Paid links or participated in linking forum discussion, blog commenting etc

How to check if your website has been affected by Google Penguin Update?
1. Check your Page Ranking
2. Check your Indexed Pages
3. Check your top landing pages
4. Check your Search Ranking for your Top keywords
5. Monitor your organic traffic
Major difference between Panda and Penguin Updates
1. Panda is a site-wide Penality. If enough pages are tagged as poor, the entire site is just subject to Panda, though some good pages will continue to rank. (To lose the penality, remove or improve poor quality content.)
2. Penguin promotes high quality sites while penalizing spammy sites.

Recovery Tips & Advice
1. Keyword Stuffing
2. Link Schemes –(The links you build should be quality ones, and they should be relevant to your site
3. Duplicate Content (Don’t Post Good Content. Post GREAT content)
4. Avoid hidden text or hidden links.
5. Don’t use cloaking or sneaky redirects.
6. Don’t load pages with irrelevant keywords.
7. Clean up on-page spam 
8. Clean up bad links
9. Don’t create multiple pages, sub domains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.
10. Don’t create pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, Trojans, or other badware.
11. Avoid “doorway” pages created just for search engines or other “cookie cutter” approaches such as affiliate programs with little or no original content.
12. If your site participates in an affiliate program, make sure that your site adds value. Provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keywords Ranking in Google Analytic(GA) Account

Happy Diwali to All of You. May this Diwali brings you the Health and Wealth both.

Last night i have found some good post on SEOMOZ, so i am going to share with you. How to track the keywords position on the GA Account. Most of the time, Keywords Ranking a big question for all the SEO's. In every month and week, we have send the Keywords ranking to clients, So it is a big task, we need to perform on the week and month.

So now i have find a good way to track the Keywords Ranking in the Google Analytic Account. If you are looking for the Keywords Ranking, Go through the below links and read carefully and perform it. you will get the keyword Ranking in the Google Analytic Account definitly.

Please go through the link:-

One More way you can get the  Keyword Ranking in the GA Account

But if we need to track the keywords position in yahoo and Bing. So what we need to do. Is any tool available that provide the Google, Yahoo, Bing keywords Position.

Comments are always welcome!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

SEO Checklist for New Ecommerce Website

Have you going to lunch the New Ecommerce Business Website.  What the thing you should know for your new website(SEO Checklist). How to optimize you new website, What is the basic SEO Checklist?  These are the question that arrives in your mind for your website. So we are going to add some basic step that have to follow for your new business website in my SEO Guide blog.
We need to follow the basic SEO Guide for your New Website. 

1.       First we choose the keyword for the Business that are not very much competitive but Searchable.
2.       We need to add supportive Content as per keywords.
3.       Add Meta tag Title should be 70 Character and Description should be 150 Character.
4.        Website Design should be Search Engine Friendly and add Breadcrumb Navigation.
5.       Divide the Product in the Category and Subcategory but the categorization should be up to 3 levels.
6.       Link main product from the home page.
7.       Verify Google webmaster, add Google analytic and submit sitemap.
8.       Check Google Webmaster Crawl Error and HTML Error on the regular basis.
9.       Try to read out the visitors mind from the Google Analytic Report, Generate Custom Report.
10.   After 20 to 30 days analyze your keyword one more time, remove low grade keyword.
11.   Now start making backlinks, directory, social bookmarking, classified, article, press release, profile creation likes crunchbase website.
12.   Create Social Media Account likes facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace etc.

We have found these basic SEO Checklist that need to follow for the newly lunch website. We have tried to include the entire general step in my SEO Guide blog, but readers’ suggestion and example always welcome. We hope you will find useful for the new website promotion.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zindgi Na Milege Dobar Movie Party - IndiaMart

After a long waiting, we finalized the movie name from the list of movie like Budha Hoga Tera Baap, Murder2, Harry Potter, Chiller Party, Zindgi Na Milege Dobar, and Transformer.
Before two week, we were not able to decide the movie name and also Boss was not agreeing for a movie in working days.
So finally the days came true, when IndiaMart finalized the Award Ceremony for the Best Employee.
We decided to see the Movie in a same day and after that joined the Award Ceremony in TGIP Worlds of Wonder.
23 July, We reached the Waves Noida at 10.50 am, Boss and seniors were waiting the Department Employee for movie, It was good movie, three friends movie, all are facing problem, but no one share it and at Spain trip. They resolved their issue and finally came closure.
After the movie we decided to come home due to some ultra urgent work but after 200 walked away towards home, we received a call, that Go to World Wonder because someone has joined the party and we have to go back because of “SOMEONE”.
After reaching the Worlds of Wonder, we started to look “SOMEONE” and finally met her. It was very hard for me to managed it because colleagues and Boss always with me. Spending half an hour we moved to home. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google Update in 2011 – Google Panda and Goolge +1

 In my SEO Guide blog i am going to share the Goolge Update upto mid 2011.
Google is going to make a history in 2011. Now at the Mid of 2011 google has update 3 to 4 times by new algorithm and PR. In the End of 2010 google has planned to take an action on duplicate content website and blog. In Starting in 2011 google has first lunched the Content Farmer. Its main purpose to indentify website those are using the duplicate content and spam that website.

But google not became successful. After that google lunched the google panda, in the first phase it only applied on the US and UK country, after successful completion in US and UK, Google lunched this on the globally. Google used new algorithms to indentify duplicate content and give the Name Google Panda. 
Now many website that are running good are going in loss. Most of the Websites are losing the traffic and keywords ranking also.

Google main target is to provide the fresh and valuable content to customer. So many websites were using the SEO tactic and duplicate content. Now google spam that website and provide the real search experience to the people.

One more google launched in May end globally is Goolge +1. Goolge most of the search are influenced by Social Networking Sites and facebook are main competitors of the facebook.

After failure of Orkut and Google Buzz, Now google lunched the Goolge +1. It is not anything special.  IF you have goggle account just login with your account and start sharing you blog and content with google. You can only see the Goolge +1 when you are login in google account and searching something in Google