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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Indian OS

Now India is focusing to develop its own OS(Operating System).
Due to Virus Attack on the Ministry Data and Reduce the Dependency on Foreign Software , Indian ministry planning to develop OS.
The Government Plan high level task-force which include the Intelligence Officers to plan a high level and more secure OS. The team will also suggest ways to conduct third-party audits on existing software in government offices to prevent online sabotage attempts .
The China based hackers try so many times to collects the information or destroyed the data of ministry data.
Defense ministry also raised concerns over use of anti-virus products of foreign vendors in the wake of a series of attacks on its systems by China-based hackers.

Now a days China and America are both focusing to develop a high skilled hackers. The try to find out some secret information. Now Indian defense also face a same problem.

So India want a complete solution due to this reason India Focus to develop a own OS.


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