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Monday, August 23, 2010

Basic SEO Interview Question Blog Post Part-3

32. We have a New Fresh web site then What SEO Strategy, SEO Guide and techniques you used for Ranking?
33. Define the Term INDEX, SPIDER, CRAWLER?
34. What is RSS and why it is important?
35. What is Bounce Rate? If your website has a High Bounce Rate what is that means?
36. What is size of title you recommended and why?
37. What software and Tool you use in SEO Point of View?
38. What is site link? How you make it visible on Google?
39. IF you optimize your website without www. IS your website Ranking is Affected?
40. What is Difference between Keyword and Tag?
41. What is LSI? How it Works?
42. How you decide keyword for your website?
43. Have you work on Dynamic website? What technique you used to optimize it?
44. What is SEM? What is Difference between SEO and SEM?
45. Give the Example of 5 Best Article and 5 Press Release Sites?
46. What is Difference between Caching and Indexing? Which occurs first?
47. How you check back link in Yahoo and what is Yahoo Explorer?
48. What is PPC? Have you set goal in Google analytic?

I try to make a good SEO Interview Question collection but you know SEO is like a sea. As you do research more and more you find new. I am waiting for your suggestion and help always. Keep Smiling and All is well for job seekers. I am going to explain Link building in my next SEO Blog Post.


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