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Monday, August 23, 2010

SEO Interviews Question Part-1

I am going to make a collection of SEO Interview Question. I collect it when I was started my carrier in SEO as a Fresher to up. It will be helpful for those who want to start his carrier in SEO and also at Senior Level. It is possible that in SEO Guide I miss some important question so I need your contribution so that I make it good for my readers.

So start sharing your SEO questions.

1. Is meta tag important for Search Engine?
2. What is Link Bait?
3. Who is Google Founder?
4. How to optimize the Complete Flash Web site?
5. How to resolve the IFRAME Problem?
6. If we have a website and we use AJAX then how we resolve it?
7. We have a Website with PR 6, after expiration of domain, we transfer whole content on New Domain, What technique we use to gain PR 6 or is their PR affected?
We have a 2 condition
a. We have an access of old Domain.
b. We have not access of old Domain.

8. What is No Index and No Follow. Where we use it?
9. What is New Update of Google?
10. What new technique you use to optimize the web site in Yahoo, MSN and Google…IS Technique Change for different -2 Search Engine?
11. What is Google Sandbox? How you find that you site in not Google Sandbox?
12. What is Web2.0?

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