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Monday, August 23, 2010

SEO Interview Question - Prepare for Interview

13. What is Black Hat Technique? Have you used any one?
14. What is Sitemap? What is its Type? We have a Web site with 5000 page. What type of Sitemap you recommended as a SEO Guide?
15. What is Landing Page? Why we use it?
16. What is Keyword Density?
17. What is Mata Tag and explain their Size?
18. Is Search Engine allowed Hidden Text then how many?
19. What is most important for Search Engine?
20. Who is Matt Cutt?
21. What is Html ratio?
22. Which is Big Web Directory?
23. What is Off page Optimization and On page Optimization?
24. What is Link Building and How to increase in bound link? How many ways you make link?
25. What is 301 and 302 Redirection?
26. How Domain age affects the page Rank?
27. What is Page Segmentation?
28. What is the Best place you want place your targeted Keyword?
29. What is SMO? Is it important for your website and how it affects?
30. What website/blog/forum you read to update yourself in SEO field?
31. Article, SMO, Press Release, Which is most valuable according for search Engine?

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